Commercial Interiors

Brokers, you know your buildings, the lease terms and available space you have to work with.


 You probably have discussed a general layout and proposed a lease area for approval. You may now need “test-fits” to show your client how it will work. You know your TI budget and need to know costs, including fees and time.  You need a fast turnaround to get the deal done. You're finding that getting tenants in at the lowest cost in the soonest possible time works some of the time. 

We can help you with all of that. 


Some tenants want to fit more things into less space.  We're used to that. Municipalities have increased rules for permit drawings. We get that.  Most of the rules make sense to us anyway.

Delivering simple solutions; creative designs that maximize space, get permitted and built...that is what we do.  Documents are easily understandable, comprehensive and straightforward.  You get fewer headaches, more predictability and happier tenants.

  • Capital One (Multiple Buildings Consolidations)

  • AT&T (Relocation of certain Business Units to Suburban Office Spaces)

  • Larsoni Management (Hillcrest and various Tenant Improvements / Office spaces)

  • TransTrade Corporate Offices (Corporate Office Reconfiguration)

  • TransTrade Alliance (Strategic Plan for Office/Warehouse/Business Operations Unit)

“... you are way better than other architects/Interior designers we worked with. You really understand the whole process, you get the details right and your projects get done. I don’t have to worry :) Tenants are happy!”— Brian Haase

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Bowling Entertainment Centers

Do you want to know what's working in a good Bowling Entertainment Center (BEC) today?  


 Do you have a general layout in mind and need advice on how to make it better (or make it work)? You know your customer base and believe that with the right changes, you can attract new business with better service, more attractions and new venues.  Have you decided to build a new center, (but this time “done right”)?  


Do you have a work-in-process situation that needs special attention or advice? You can count on our confidential and professional guidance. 

As veterans of the industry with over 300 bowling entertainment projects and happy clients, we can provide you with valuable information and suggestions for your next venture.  

Do you have some ideas and preliminary information on costs of some major items and need to put it all together with confidence?  We welcome that and can take your schematic visions to the next level.

  • Do your research (we can help with that),

  • Gather your information (we have good resources),

  • Talk to other successful operators (we have some contacts for you),

  • Talk to us and know what is essential for your market today. 

Don't spend time or money on what's not working.  Download our free guides first and call us. 469.231.4384 to get a quick response from a friendly expert.

We desire better BEC's for our clients.  Good for all. 

“Reviewed plans, of course… there were things about the layout I wasn’t sure of, but I trusted you. Now that it is built and I see it, it is amazing what you designed…Oh that’s why you did that…everyone loves it.” — Ray Walters

free guides

See our free guides and resources for more information that can help you.

Retail Store Design

You know good retail design gets sales…it gets customers to you and helps to keep them coming back.  


You want to be sure your customers can find you easily and identify with your product or service.  You probably rely on the broker who showed you the space and provided some financial information.  You want to know what it's going to look like, how it fits, what the costs are and how soon you can open. 


Back Bar, Retail, Southlake, (DFW) Texas
Exterior of Restaurant, Retail, Chesterfield Virginia
Manicure and Massage Area, Bella Salon, Dallas, Texas
Sports Bar, Retail, Chesterfield, Virginia

With Scheirman Associates, you get guidance in each step, clear information, effective designs and a quick response time. Delivering solutions to simple and more challenging situations, we figure out how to maximize space use and the best way to get you in.

As your go-to professional with the advice you want and the design services you need, call us.  You’ll be glad you did.  Let’s get started and move toward getting your business open.  Also ask us about turnkey with contractors and design-build opportunities!

Projects in pictures above:

  • Bella Salon (Nails, Hair, Pedicure and Massage Salon)
  • Pizzeria Uno (Restaurant, Pizza Franchise, Free-Standing Buildings 

High-end Residential Design and Universal Design

Want to get your dream project underway as smoothly as possible?


You deserve to be in control of the process having as clear a picture as possible of where to start and where to begin.  Are you looking for a new home, or have one and feel it needs a general overhaul repairs, replacement and minor renovations. Sometimes is difficult to be assured that the colors will complement each other or that the overall vision will be the right one. 


Your goal is to find the right path for your project, for your budget and for you.  We all know that an architect does not design most homes.  A draftsman or your builder, who may lean toward plans, construction methods and product suppliers with which they have had success, may do them. For many, this is just fine.  It may also impose limitations and narrow the field of possibilities for your project.  Some seek solutions using stock floor plans on the web, like ePlans and FamilyHome Plans, all by definition not customized.

A well-trained architect designs to the individual, taking particular needs and specific locations into account. We concern ourselves with desired aesthetic issues, manipulating proportions, alignments, masses, voids and materials to create pleasing results.  

With an open mind approach to the project, creative solutions are produced.  As a result, the magic of Architecture occurs in your home.  If this sounds like what you are looking for, give us a call and let's get together.  If you so chose, we can work closely with your builder or construction manager who will then build your dream home.

Meanwhile, take a look at some websites that have good information.  You may want to check them out:  

  • Looking for a good source of free, unbiased information helping homeowners? See:  Building Advisor.
  • Shopping for Smart items for your home?  We like to see Smarthome.

(We have other recommendations to share.  Send us the Suggestion here and we'll pass on the sources best suited to your needs.  Have suggestions to share? Let us know your favorites. )

UNIVERSAL DESIGN, a.k.a. Architecture for Flexible Living

Universal Design (UD) is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design (NAHB).  It incorporates ease of use, low maintenance, accessibility, flexibility, and low operational costs in to all facilities, most especially your home.  With these goals in mind, the design of spaces, buildings or homes does not need to look or feel different.  It is amazing what can be incorporated with an eye for the future.

Can you imagine homes, incorporating Age-In-Place & UD concepts for all family members at all stages of life, which are more comfortable, safer and easier-to-use?  Well, we can. We are Certified Age-in-Place Specialists (CAPS). Our research has taken us around the world to distill Age-In-Place and Universal Design concepts into a working checklist / resource for evaluations and for design.  With the CAPS evaluation we can talk to you about real choices in the design of your home, including UD concepts. 

Disaster Recovery events, such as recent hurricane losses however, forces the rebuilding or replacement of homes now.  Some homes will be refurbished, others will be rebuilt.  This presents a widespread scale of opportunities to incorporate Age-In-Place & UD concepts into these new plans.  We are actively looking to team up with the Disaster Recovery Efforts and help to contribute such deliberate answers.  It will be worthwhile for the long-term. 


"By your moving back to Texas, Virginia lost a fine Architect.  You Texans seem to stick together. We enjoyed your work on our Deltaville home.  We wish you good success."  - Brent Halsey


free guides

See our free guides and resources for more information that can help you.


Professional Consulting

Do You Need a Genuine Professional?

Collaboration with other Firms.

Do you feel you can attract new customers and business by bolstering your Firm’s qualifications?  You know your Company’s abilities and your Clients’ needs.  You could take the time to acquire the skill in-house, but still not at the same as bringing in an architect with true expertise as a Consultant. 

Have you been drawn into a market (or want to enter a new market)?  Has your client asked you to bring on a Consultant and you are reluctant you will lose some control?  You won’t with us.  You'll find we are comfortable to work with at a price you can afford. 

Some firms are open to new ideas and realize how our seasoned experience can help answer their questions and suggest well-informed improvements.  Getting you reliable information and direction in the soonest possible time is our goal.  

If we have the expertise you need – projects, business insight, practice, and transitions – we’ll tell you.  If we don’t, we will suggest someone who does. We want to be your go-to professional for the advice you need and provide consulting where we can. 

Here are some Firms we've helped recently:

  • TransTrade (Leased Space evaluation and Strategic Planning)

  • Sozo (Start-up Business and Master Planning)

  • EPD (Business Start-up)

  • Consultant to Leo A Daly (Design)

  • Consultant to HBG (Design)

  • Consultant to Station 300 (Design)

  • VH, LLC (Business Start-up)



Need good Professional Advice?  

Working with the right architect as a consultant from the early information-gathering stage can put you on track to a successful project.

To start, please click on the Inquiry link and send in the Request Form. Then check out the resources we have on the Inquiry page.  That way you'll have good information to start with.   

Then, call us. Let’s talk about your situation. You’ll find us friendly and easy to work with.  We’ll listen and reflect about your ideas.  You will get our initial thoughts and feedback and answer some of your questions. There may be some ideas we come up with that you have not thought of yet.  

Planning, design, budget and timescales are more detailed services.  We want to be sure it's what you need.  Then let’s arrange for a consultation. 

Simple consulting is answering your questions and offering our expert advice.  Many clients know what they need.  We provide what they need and can afford to do. Others generally know their target and want our help getting there.  We always spell out the parameters of our consulting services in your agreement and review it with you before starting.  Good communication and understanding are vital.

Here's a short list of some of our consulting service topics.  Let's craft a plan together that’s just right for you.

  • Review "Program" and general layout advise

  • Review existing Building conditions, Property Use / Evaluations

  • Review Home for Age-In-Place / Universal Design opportunities

  • "Test-Fit" Lease Space

  • Master Planning/Site Plan