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As we have learned, all decisions will be ultimately be made by somebody. The trick is to know who best makes which decisions, at the right time and in the right order.  Sometimes easier said than done, but success happens when experience, leadership and teamwork come together.

Your Money

We remain vigilantly conscious that it is your money being invested on this project.  You entrust us with decisions that affect your project costs.  Some are better design decisions that don't cost any more but are more worthwhile.  You can choose from among our recommendations to plan for initial costs, operational costs and long-term costs. 

It is our role to listen and give actionable advice.  Sometimes we will engage in a healthy challenge.  Ultimately it is your decision.  We keep the project moving and work to create the value you need. We are always aware that’s why you hired us. 

Your Time

There is a natural tendency for clients to want to make some choices in one area and think everything is OK.  Without a comprehensive view, not enough attention is given to other areas, or, not at the right time. This can lead the project to be out of synch and in a reactionary mode. Time and money suffer. It is a careful balance between “doing what it takes” to get the project ready (while increasing risks for changes) and taking the approach to efficiently execute the project for optimal time delivery.


So...Back to Basics

We like informed clients who know what they want and realize they need help to get there. We believe that getting you information early on in the process yields better results.

As a start, we have gathered some resources we believe you will find useful. 

Check them out.  Fill in the Request form (so we can know who you are and keep you updated) and we'll get valuable information right to you.  

Thank you