Professional Consulting

Do You Need a Genuine Professional?

Collaboration with other Firms.

Do you feel you can attract new customers and business by bolstering your Firm’s qualifications?  You know your Company’s abilities and your Clients’ needs.  You could take the time to acquire the skill in-house, but still not at the same as bringing in an architect with true expertise as a Consultant. 

Have you been drawn into a market (or want to enter a new market)?  Has your client asked you to bring on a Consultant and you are reluctant you will lose some control?  You won’t with us.  You'll find we are comfortable to work with at a price you can afford. 

Some firms are open to new ideas and realize how our seasoned experience can help answer their questions and suggest well-informed improvements.  Getting you reliable information and direction in the soonest possible time is our goal.  

If we have the expertise you need – projects, business insight, practice, and transitions – we’ll tell you.  If we don’t, we will suggest someone who does. We want to be your go-to professional for the advice you need and provide consulting where we can. 

Here are some Firms we've helped recently:

  • TransTrade (Leased Space evaluation and Strategic Planning)

  • Sozo (Start-up Business and Master Planning)

  • EPD (Business Start-up)

  • Consultant to Leo A Daly (Design)

  • Consultant to HBG (Design)

  • Consultant to Station 300 (Design)

  • VH, LLC (Business Start-up)



Need good Professional Advice?  

Working with the right architect as a consultant from the early information-gathering stage can put you on track to a successful project.

To start, please click on the Inquiry link and send in the Request Form. Then check out the resources we have on the Inquiry page.  That way you'll have good information to start with.   

Then, call us. Let’s talk about your situation. You’ll find us friendly and easy to work with.  We’ll listen and reflect about your ideas.  You will get our initial thoughts and feedback and answer some of your questions. There may be some ideas we come up with that you have not thought of yet.  

Planning, design, budget and timescales are more detailed services.  We want to be sure it's what you need.  Then let’s arrange for a consultation. 

Simple consulting is answering your questions and offering our expert advice.  Many clients know what they need.  We provide what they need and can afford to do. Others generally know their target and want our help getting there.  We always spell out the parameters of our consulting services in your agreement and review it with you before starting.  Good communication and understanding are vital.

Here's a short list of some of our consulting service topics.  Let's craft a plan together that’s just right for you.

  • Review "Program" and general layout advise

  • Review existing Building conditions, Property Use / Evaluations

  • Review Home for Age-In-Place / Universal Design opportunities

  • "Test-Fit" Lease Space

  • Master Planning/Site Plan