Scheirman Associates Architects, known for inspired designs, is bringing you solutions that are visually dynamic, operationally sound and environmentally friendly.


Commercial interiors

You know what your tenant needs are and the spaces you probably have.  Whether your project is for new, expanding or relocating tenants, you want to get it right.  We’re used to that

entertainment (BEC)

Do you have a general layout and want to make it better (or make it work)?  Are you “kicking the tires” on a new project, wanting to know what’s working in a good entertainment center today?  Let’s see…

RETAIL Planning

You want to be sure your customers can find you easily and identify with your product or service. You know good retail design sells. How soon can you open?  You’ve come to the right place…


Residential and UNiversal Design

Want to get your dream project underway as smoothly as possible? Have a clear a picture of where to start and how to begin?  Want to know more about Universal Design (UD).  We’ll show you how to…

Professional Consulting

Do you need a professional ally to move your project forward?  Need good professional advice?  You’ll find us comfortable to work with.  We will give you a straight answer.